Mission Statement:

To provide a healthy and extensive variety of drinks, snacks and entree items that promote wellness and good health. We know that customers' satisfaction is essential for success and growth. We will accomplish this by providing premium over the top service to all of our location.

Pierson's Healthy Vending
       Providing a Healthier Choice

Why Healthy Vending


Our purpose is to provide superior products with premium service. All equipment is free to the location. We take care of supplying the food, drinks, and maintenance. Machines are serviced once a week or more if needed.

Looking to Upgrade?

Pierson's Healthy Vending is here to assist your business or school with the convenience of better choices. If you are looking to add a more professional appearance to your office, not satisfied with the current vendor's limited selection and poor service, or maybe you just want an upgrade from the out dated power draining vending machines that are currently in use, that is what we are here for.

These machines are designed to add a more professional look to your work 
environment while providing a premium convenience to your costumers, students, or employees.  All equipment is new, beautifully designed, and state-of -the-art. Every Combo (snack and beverage) machine is equipped with a credit card reader and power saving features. The size is designed to provide the largest selection possible while using the least amount of space.
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